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America’s Number One Plastic Repair and Welding Company is different because we approach our customers and your business needs individually and deliver exceptional service and quality that makes the difference to your bottom line and reliability.

The West Wind Difference - WE :

  1. Are founded and operated by an engineer with 30 years experience in the plastics industry and 40 years experience in product design and product failure analysis. This expertise has proven highly beneficial to our customers, because we understand the technical, mechanical and materials complexities that comprise plastic products (resins, molding techniques, compounds, etc.), design and product engineering.

  2. Have a fully equipped repair facility comprised of industrial and custom designed equipment and tooling, much of which is proprietary; enabling us to successfully complete complex repairs and restorations others won’t even attempt.

  3. Every project is approached with the attitude that part of our unique value to you is that we don’t just fix it; we make it stronger and better. That’s what craftsmanship is.

  4. Structurally reinforce stress fractures, chips, cracks and holes to prevent recurring breakage - don’t just seal or plug them – strengthen them.

  5. Perform a strict 5-point inspection on each container/item - prior to beginning repairs or restoration.

  6. Utilize a quality assurance program – which includes post-repair evaluations using thermal and electrostatic inspections.

  7. Extend the useful life of tanks/containers by installing wear plates on tank and pallet bottoms.

  8. Offer visits to our customers’ plants, and work with production/maintenance departments to identify and help eliminate causes of in-plant damage – at no charge.

  9. Maintain an inventory of hardware for our customers’ containers and tanks - as part of our service at no additional cost to you. No down time waiting for replacement hardware components to arrive - enables us to return your items to you 60% faster than others can.

  10. Meet and exceed USDA standards for food-grade container repairs - unlike others - our welds are guaranteed to be clean!

  11. Produce USDA grade welds in our special controlled “clean” facility - something others just can’t deliver.

  12. Remove bacteria deposited during the food production process by special pre-cleaning - before repairs are performed - where others simply melt the plastic and leave the dangerous bacteria to return to your plant processing line and subsequently the consumer.

  13. Maintain detailed records - crucial if a customer is requested to provide due diligence records to USDA inspectors regarding container repairs. Our records contain repair dates, types, the specific type and supplier of materials used to repair individual bins/containers and even information back to the original manufacturer of the raw materials used for repair.

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