Plastic Repair & Restoration Examples

Benefits & Services
  • Food-Grade “Bulk” Tanks & Tote Boxes
  • Insulated “Double-Wall” Tanks
  • Agricultural Tanks (water storage, etc.)

  • Production Support Equipment Components (for conveyor belts, etc)

  • Highway, ATV & Recreational Vehicle Parts
  • Boats (canoes & paddle boats)
  • Swimming Pool Slides & Shopping Carts

  • Farm Equipment Components
  • Automotive & Lawn Mower Components
  • Playground & Theme Park Equipment

Preventive Maintenance Program
(Food-Grade Processing Containers)

A preventive maintenance program is included with our welding services, at no additional cost, extending the useful life of your container. Examples of our preventive maintenance program for industrial plastic tanks include:

1.-----Leg & Corner Wraps (Structurally reinforcing leg and corner areas by
--------welding additional plastic pieces over the existing tank area)

2.-----Welding Overlays (Applying additional welding rod during repair to build up
--------and strengthen points of chronic wear/failure)

3.-----Blush Repairs (Proactive repair of stretched, distorted areas, including
--------hairline stress fractures, i.e. sections of the container that are damaged
--------and likely to break in the future, but have not failed yet.)

4.-----Hardware Replacements (Replacement of broken or missing hardware)

5.-----Re-foaming (Injection of new structural polyurethane foam between the
--------double walled sections of foam core combination bins/tanks, where
--------structural integrity has been compromised due to damage)

6.-----Extended-Life Runner/Pallet Plates (Application of ultra-high abrasion
--------resistant material to bottom of containers, since they receive frequent abuse
--------by being slid across the non-slip floors in wet or slick work areas.) * Wear
--------plate service is an optional upgrade to the preventive maintenance program,
--------due to additional materials cost.

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